Henry has supplied me with top quality haylage for the past 4 years. His conscientious approach to his business has resulted in a product that never disappoints me or my horses. With each prompt delivery individually weighed and no wastage, value for money is guaranteed.

MS - Northamptonshire

I have been using Taylor Made Forage to feed my yard for over 5 years. The haylage and hay is excellent quality, and even the fussy eaters hoover up every last piece. The horses all look and perform well on it, with limited hard feed.  The service provided by the team is excellent. Deliveries are always swift, and the forage left neatly stacked.

DKM - Oxfordshire

Henry has supplied my haylage for at least two years. The quality of the product is excellent, dust free and, more to the point, consistent; the horses love it.  Delivery is prompt, the bales are unloaded and stacked, which for me is also important.

AD - Oxfordshire

Henry Taylor from Taylor Made Forage has supplied us with consistently top
quality haylage.  It provides the horses with a nutritional and substantial
forage cutting down the need for expensive bulking hard feed.  Having fed it
to both Connemara ponies and full TB's it appears highly palatable (and non
heating), even for our fussiest eater.

Service is excellent, each load of haylage is weighed before delivery so you
are paying by weight. The bales are checked to make sure there are no rips
or holes in the wrapping, ensuring the high quality is maintained.

VT - Oxfordshire