Jan 15, 2013

High quality hay and haylage improves horse performance FACT!!

Boffins in Sweden have proven that a high quality forage (hay and haylage) only diet appears to be the best thing for your horse, producing a POSITIVE affect on performance!

While Swedish humans like meatballs, their scientists have this to say about forage for horses:

The results show that a high-energy, forage-only diet alters the metabolic response to exercise and, with the exception of lowered glycogen stores, appears to have positive rather than negative effects on performance traits.

Source: A forage-only diet alters the metabolic response of horses in training

We've always known how good forage works for the horses in our yard (and our customers).  It's nice to know the smarties in white coats agree.

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PS If you like reading science stuff, you can buy or rent the original report or read a summary on eurodressage.